What are you thinking about? "Tomorrow"

Well that went quickly.

Arrived on Saturday. Got settled in. 

Tech-ed Vanishing Man on Sunday and checked out our lovely new grand piano. As well as our lovely venue team at Pleasance 2 - Billy and the gang. Billy did a great job at 'playing' pretty much our whole audience. 

We made some cuts. Arrivederci the Nine modes of magic with fruit. We only do one now - wait, two, no three actually they're pretty much all covered. Not escapology - but who would want to escape the show anyway? 

Tech-ed The Extinction Event on Monday morning - bleary-eyed and bedraggled tailed - but love  Pleasance Above. We placed our secrets strategically around the place and got excited about spreading the wonder on Wednesday. We had a lovely lunch with the GHPeeps, where my son, Wilf, slept throughout and my wife, Caitlin, was able to enjoy herself a little . In the afternoon/evening, we tightened up some things in the script and discovered the key to unlocking the power of The Extinction Event. I also made a delicious pasta dish, if I say so myself. 

'Day off' today dominated by intense line work in the morning then Simon vanished to go help Maureen Lipman at the Assembly Room whilst I attempted some 'fathering' - which seemed to entail waiting outside the dressing room at H&M whilst Caitlin (who genuinely hates to shop) tried on nursing-wear and Wilf slept in blissful ignorance. Then our lovely pal Matt Bulmer from FIGHT  IN THE DOG http://fightinthedog.co.uk came to meet Wilf and brought him an amazing prezzie - a friend for life. Check out their line up of great shows. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Sheeps, Madonna or Whore, and Christopher Bliss. 

Waiting  for Simon to return now for last minute prep before the big day. Peace out.