You say, "four". "Four". But when you open your hand there's only one!

DA here again.

Four days to go til you lucky people can see us in action at The Pleasance. But our first tech is tomorrow so that feels like one day. Sometimes four can be one. 

We have all arrived in our lovely digs. By enchanted car. (Enchanted by my skill at packing in so much and the repartee amongst the fam) Steam train. (from passengers' ears) And broom. (I've come over all Potty because we stopped at Alnwick Castle which doubles as Hogwarts in the movie pics*) Our apartment is very dandy indeed. It has a trapdoor! I think it leads to a (wisely) out-of-bounds wine cellar but maybe it's there so we can actually make a man vanish?

Our journey took us via the very pleasant travelodge in Harrogate. After 5 and a half hours in a car full of baby a travelodge has rarely seemed so luxurious. We watched a bit of Jurassic Park** when we got there and I sadly lamented the cut of the dinosaur routine from Vanishing Mankind. It was spectacular but didn't really 'further the story' - you can blame Simon that you don't get to see DinoMagic this time. 

Loved arriving in Edinburgh and feeling the familiar thrill of it all about to happen.  Brilliant too to have cool fresh air in the face, and the orchestral version of Flower of Scotland blaring out of the bluetooth*** speakers. 


*Actual Hogwarts is much further north and has far fewer muggles cluttering up the place. 

**Actual Jurassic Park would apparently not work even if you did find perfectly preserved mosquitoes full of dinoblood and had a perfect cloning machine that just needed a strain of DNA patched together with that of a frog. DNA would degrade over the millions of years. Thousands would be fine. Which is why we can bring the wooly mammoth back no problem. My mate Jack told me all this. But what  he didn't consider is that  Wooly Mammoth Park doesn't have the same ring to it.  

***Actual Bluetooth is King Harald Bluetooth who was converted to Christianity when a cleric named Poppa lifted a great weight of iron heated by fire without being burned. Sounds like deceitful apparatus to me.