One week out - DA posting

So our Edinburgh adventure begins in one week (well the bit in Edinburgh does). We've been hard at work for years honing and refining The Vanishing Man. The Extinction Event has taken most fo the last twelve month. The first full draft was finished whilst I was in bolthole in Loch Torridon, Wester Ross, Highlands. So it seems fitting that it is coming full circle and plopping itself back down in Scotland. 

Three and  a half weeks ago i was the assistant to the greatest magic event I have ever witnessed. My wife gave birth to our son. And I thought babies were merely produced from top hats like rabbits. (That's why you go at it like rabbits, no?). So it's been quite a July with nappies and napping, double lifts and cradle holds, duplicate cards and endless replication of sleepless nights, and a bucketload of wonder. 

We previewed both shows twice at Hackney Showrooms 8 days after my son was born and then on Monday this week we did a final preview at House of St Barnabus to make sure we're all ready. 

Miraculously, I think we are. 

Tomorrow Simon - who gets bored if he's allowed more than 3 hours without a meeting - is helping Maureen Lipman put together her fringe show and I will be doing final prep. Then on Friday I will take my clan northwards and the physical journey will have begun. 

Can't wait.